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Have you Been in an Accident? ….If So, Steer Away from Mobile Apps for your Damage Estimate!

According to advertisements, insurance

companies c​an estimate your damage by looking at a photo. How does this work? Well, insurance companies boast about the quick and easy way of resolving claims when you submit pictures of your car damage. They will encourage you to download their app, snap your pictures, and wait for a damage estimate. A settlement check is written, and your case is closed.

However, if you read online reviews from actual consumers, you will soon realize the invalidity of this method. Insurance companies have a hidden agenda. Their goal is to close your case fast for as little money as possible. There are two major disadvantages to you: 1) the damage adjuster is paid by the insurance company and 2) the adjuster will only estimate the “cosmetic” damage visible in the photograph, not damage present to the undercarriage, alignment, engine, electrical system, and frame.

My advice is to take your vehicle to a shop (of your choice) and get your own estimate from a professional repairman. The repair shop will look not only at the cosmetic damage, but also hidden damage. The estimate will be free and much more reliable than an estimate based on a photograph.

If you have been in an accident, consult with an experienced car accident attorney. Call Poindexter Law, LLC- I'll get you started today!

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