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Sabrina's Place Needs Your Donations!

Sabrina's Place is a center that offers supervised visitation and safe exchange to families with a history of domestic violence, child abuse, stalking, and sexual assault. This program is named in honor of Sabrina Reed, who was shot and killed by her husband during an exchange of their daughter in September 2005.

Children visit with their non-custodial parent on-site and are monitored by trained staff. An off-duty officer is also employed for the safety and security of participants and staff. The center also facilitates the safe exchange between parents of their children without necessitating interaction between the parents.

One of the greatest parts of the program is that there are NO fees. In addition, supervised visits do not have to be court-ordered and those interested can simply contact the office to put in a request.

Funding is limited to federal grants, private foundations, and private donations. Several items are needed in the visitation rooms such as toys, arts/crafts, and games. The center is also in need of gift cards to Target, Wal-mart, Kroger, and Staples. Whether it is office supplies or snacks and drinks for the children, your generous donations are welcome!

Please contact Melody Robinson for more information at: 540-777-3799.

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